Our story

When Jessy was thirteen, she was diagnosed with celiac disease and dairy sensitivity. Limited to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet, she longed for a healthy and tasty non-dairy ice cream. Alternatives packed with refined sugar, gums, “natural” flavors, and artificial ingredients left her feeling sick. Lighter options diluted with water lacked flavor and contained sugar alcohols that upset her stomach even more.

By the time Jessy was in college, she was losing hope with dairy-free desserts. Determined to not let food allergies restrict one of life’s greatest joys, she and Erik decided to raise their spoons and experiment in the kitchen. There, Erik introduced Jessy to his grandmother's fruit-based “nice cream" recipes.

We perfected Frönen – an irresistible dessert that’s filled with flavor and light on guilt. We shared our treat with college friends who loved it. Now, we are offering our culinary creation to you. With Frönen, you don’t have to compromise between taste and health. So, dig in and indulge!